School Programs

We work together with schools offering curricular and extra-curricular emotional learning programs. These programs are aimed to teach children and young people from ages 2 to 18 to develop essential social and emotional skills to help them be able to cope with toxic stress through their resilience capacities. Among the skills they learn are: self-observation; recognizing physical, psychological and emotional needs; having a practical experience on how their brain, body and mind work; and,  being able to manage all these innate resources to have a better learning experience in school and in life. It is scientifically proven that a resilient brain learns better and is able to respond with more ability in the face of stressful situations.

Upcoming Event: The Benefits and Challenges of Adolescence

Adolescência: Benefícios e Desafios

November 23, 2016,  8:00am
SOCIESC Auditorium – Florianopolis, Brazil