Throughout the development of the Essential Kids methodology, we continually asked ourselves these fundamental questions: What is truly essential for a child to learn in order to develop his or her inherent potential as a human being? How do we achieve this?

With this in mind, our courses, learning programs, workshops, materials, trainings, and community work are designed to add essential aspects of the human condition to the education of children and help us as caregivers to update the paradigms we have about who children are, how they learn best, and what it is we actually need to teach them; and at the same time our projects are designed to educate, in other words, hands-on training to develop the necessary perception and skills to make these fundamental conceptions a day-to-day practice.

We combine different methodologies under one umbrella to achieve this. Essential Kids Education is based on the expertise of professionals and existing research and practices in the areas of human studies such as philosophy, physiology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, pedagogy, as well as psychotherapy, spirituality, well-being, and health, in combination with the many years of experience and resulting insights of the mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers, and friends involved in this project.

Brain Wonders

Workshops and Seminars for Teens.  Adolescence is an incredible and amazing period in the development of the brain! During the teenage years the brain is highly plastic, it is growing and developing new pathways all the time in response to experiences, there is a wealth of growth in the synapsis of the pre-frontal cortex, the different … Continue reading Brain Wonders

School Programs

We work together with schools offering curricular and extra-curricular emotional learning programs. These programs are aimed to teach children and young people from ages 2 to 18 to develop essential social and emotional skills to help them be able to cope with toxic stress through their resilience capacities. Among the skills they learn are: self-observation; recognizing physical, psychological and emotional … Continue reading School Programs

Teacher Trainings

Teacher Trainings & Seminars. We offer seminars and trainings to teachers and educators with the objective of expanding their perception and awareness, as well as developing the necessary skills to become better educators specially in dealing with conflict situations between themselves and the children they are responsible for. Some topics are: Psycho-Social-Emotional Brain Development, Brain Years, The Psicoemotional Brain … Continue reading Teacher Trainings

Essential Mindfulness

Workshops for Kids & Grown Ups. Mindfulness is a master skill that can be learned by children and adults. Our Essential Mindfulness course is designed to effectively train children and adults in the development of perceptual awareness and cognitive skills. Practicing mindfulness has been associated to physical and mental health, emotional intelligence, self-regulation, independence, flexible and creative … Continue reading Essential Mindfulness

Community Work

Essential Kids has several ongoing projects within the community. One project involves storytelling and theater. Working together -children, teens and adults- have brought ancient teaching stories to life in spectacular and heart-warming plays. The plays are then presented for groups of the community and Hospitals in the area. Another community project involves offering support for children and their families that are … Continue reading Community Work