15 Benefits of Yoga for Kids


The Benefits of Yoga for Kids-min


Health Benefits

If you’re looking to maintain or improve your child’s health, yoga is a great place to start. Here are some of the positive things it can do for your child’s health.

Teaches Awareness of Breathing

When kids learn how to control their breathing, it can help them manage pain (source). If your child suffers from any kind of condition that can cause chronic pain, like migraines, yoga may help them deal a little better with it.

posture and strength

Increases Posture and Strength

Yoga may look like an easy activity, but it requires a lot of physical strength and it will build upon the strength your child already has.

As muscles develop and they learn more about holding various positions, your kid will be more mindful of their posture. Proper posture will help your child do daily activities with less strain on their body.

balance and coordination

Improves Balance and Coordination

Balance is an important indicator of physical health (source). The better your balance, the better off you are.

Yoga increases your child’s balance but also their coordination. When it comes time to play any sports in school, those yoga sessions with your child can really pay off.

Burns Excess Calories and Wards Off Disease

Although yoga isn’t vigorous activity, it’s still great for your heart. It has been shown to decrease blood pressure, better your heart rate and breathing, and increase your circulation (source).

Part of that heart health can come from losing weight from yoga. Although the calorie burn for yoga is modest compared to more vigorous exercise like running, it can still help your child lose a little weight, especially combined with other activity.

sleep benefits yoga

Helps Your Child Sleep Better

Getting enough sleep can help your child’s immune system function at its tiptop level. When their immune system is going well, they can ward off more colds and flus.

In addition to the physical benefits, their mood will improve with the better quality of sleep. That’s good news for both your child and you.

Promotes Healthy Exercise Habits

Every year, about 250,000 people die early from diseases and conditions that would have been preventable if they had regularly exercised (source). Yoga is a good exercise to use to start instilling physical fitness habits.

It’s not as intimidating as more vigorous exercises like running are. And when your child starts making physical fitness a habit, they’ll be more likely to become a lifelong exerciser and see the value in continuing.

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