8 digital life skills all children need – and a plan for teaching them

Project DQ identifies 8 digital life skills all children need – and proposes a plan for teaching them. Similar to IQ or EQ, an individual’s facility and command of digital media is a competence that can be measured. This is known as DQ: digital intelligence, which is a highly adaptive intelligence.

They define Digital intelligence or “DQ” as a “the sum of social, emotional and cognitive abilities that enable individuals to face the challenges and adapt to the demands of digital life” and they break it down into eight interconnected areas:

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 4.22.16 PM.png

Cultivating digital intelligence grounded in human values is essential for our kids to become masters of technology instead of being mastered by it.”

DQ can broadly be broken down into three levels:

    Level 1: Digital citizenship

    The ability to use digital technology and media in safe, responsible and effective ways

    Level 2: Digital creativity

    The ability to become a part of the digital ecosystem by co-creating new content and  turning ideas into reality by using digital tools

    Level 3: Digital entrepreneurship

    The ability to use digital media and technologies to solve global challenges or to create new opportunities


So what skills should we be teaching our children as part of their digital citizenship? In the research they’ve done at Project DG on this matter, they’ve identified eight in particular.



Go to links below for full articles or visit the Project website projectdq.org



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