We view each and every child as being unique and rich in latent capacities -physical, mental and spiritual; and when these capacities become manifest, they constitute the diverse intelligences or capacities available to all mankind.

Our mission is to assist in the development of these essential capacities or intelligences, in other words to create the necessary environment so that children can manifest their inherent potential and grow up to be the complete men and women they were born to become. We seek to cultivate these essential capacities in children, teenagers, parents, and teachers alike, so all can live in harmony – full, healthy and happy lives.

We set out to develop a new educational methodology that better serves the essential needs of children, one that is more aligned to their true nature as human beings; that is more informed about how their bodies and their minds grow and learn; an education that is more integrative of the many aspects of life; a learning environment that is focused on developing our perception and awareness; that protects what is sacred in children and works toward the full realization of their potential; an education that promotes empathy, gratitude and generosity; that teaches children how to be mindful, how to work with their emotions, desires and frustrations, how to be empathetic and compassionate with others… An educational system in which the caregivers (parents, teachers, etc.) share and operate from this new conception of the child -as being rich in latent capacities- and also strive to expand their knowledge, perception and develop their own capacities in order to better serve this purpose.